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Manowar: nuovo DVD a Novembre

Pubblicato il 21/09/2006 da in News | 0 commenti

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Ecco cover e tracklist del nuovo Dvd dei Manowar in uscita il 10 Novembre:


Tracklist: ‘Manowar’, ‘Brothers Of Metal’, ‘Call To Arms’, ‘Sun Of Death’, ‘Kings Of Metal’, ‘Sign Of The Hammer’, ‘Blood Of My Enemies’, ‘Kill With Power’, ‘Metal Warriors’, ‘The Glory Of Achilles’, ‘Metal Daze’, ‘Dark Avenger’, ‘Outlaw’, ‘House Of Death’, ‘Herz Aus Stahl’, ‘Prelude To Act III (Lohengrin)’, ‘King Of Kings’, ‘Warriors Of The World United’, ‘Hail And Kill’, ‘Black Wind, Fire And Steel’, ‘Battle Hymn’, ‘The Crown And The Ring’.

* Unique packaging
* Over 6 hours of footage
* Filmed in full HD quality with 27 cameras
* Multiflap Digipak with 12 page booklet
* 1st full length headliner concert recording
* Features all band members – past and present
* Over 4 hours of bonus content
* Mixed by Grammy nominee Rich Breen in full 5.1 surround sound


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