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Erase Errata : cancellato tour europeo!

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Siamo spiacenti di comunicare che Erase Errata hanno cancellato tutti gli show previsti in Europa a causa della situazione di salute di uno dei membri; hanno appena terminato il tour americano e le condizioni di Ellie sono peggiorate.
Ci dispiace molto di quanto accaduto e augurando ad Ellie una pronta guarigione, speriamo di poter annunciare al più presto le nuove date italiane.
Sotto il comunicato ufficiale in inglese.
Scusate di nuovo e buon lavoro a tutti.

– – – –
Sorry we are all delayed in writing you. We just got home from tour and I was waiting for news from Ellie. I have just received the very bad news and am passing it along. Ellie has been in so much pain in her
wrists, arms and hands that we have barely made it through our last week of US shows. After visiting her physician again this
morning she has informed her that it is severe carpel tunnel and she has been advised that the pain and injury will get worse if she continues to play in this state. It is with great concern that we’ve decided to look out for her health and ability to make music in the future by canceling all upcoming shows in the next two months in Europe, the Uk and the US so that she can undergo physical therapy for her condition. We realize that time and money have been spent by everyone – you, local promoters as well as us(Bianca and I are freaking out because we have no work for the next month) and we are wishing things could be different but this is such a serious situation. Ellie is not only in severe pain all the time, especially when we perform, but is also not physically able to play many of her parts and, as you know, she is key and often the highlight of an erase errata performance. Please let us know how we should proceed from here. It’s understood that people will be upset but there’s not much we can do about that. If we had seen this coming we would have let you know sooner but our shows in the US this last month have aggravated this problem in a way we could not predict. All three of us are extremely upset about canceling and want to make it up when she is recovered. We are hoping we can transfer our plane tickets to a later date (at least for our July shows?), but it will depend on the airline policy. Either way this is a very horrible situation and we are feeling very helpless and sad.

– – – –

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