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Celtic Legacy : si scioglie la band

Pubblicato il 12/07/2009 da in News | 0 commenti

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Si sciolgono i Celtic Legacy, a causa del pesante downloading del loro ultimo album, che non ha permesso di coprire le spese sostenute dalla band stessa.

Eccovi il comunicato della band:
[i] Celtic Legacy is sorry to announce that the band is to be put on hold indefinitely with immediate effect.

We had already begun the process of following up ‘Guardian Of Eternity’, but financial woes have put paid to the prospect of a new album. The band is in heavy debt following the recording of the previous CD. It was hoped that sales of the last release would finance new recordings but subsequent heavy downloading massively outstripped actual album sales, effectively putting paid to any chance we had of financing new projects.

Putting it simply – we’re broke. We put everything we had into the last album, but the music scene has changed to the point where we simply can’t afford any further band activity, especially with the recession adding to the money squeeze. We’ve made back only a fraction of the money it cost us to record the last album and we can’t afford to do another one. It’s as simple as that.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the band since it started way back in 1997. We’ve had our share of ups and downs since we began, but leaving 3 albums behind – all recorded and released using our own resources is an achievement we’re all very proud of.

The band’s websites will remain live and the albums will still be available to buy from those locations.

All members of the band go their separate ways on excellent terms and we would not rule out a return somewhere down the line. But for the present, we need to take a long time away until things drastically improve.

All the best,
Dave, Slim, Ciaran, Keith, Joe[/i]


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