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Megadeth : ultimate le riprese di “Headcrusher”

Pubblicato il 30/07/2009 da in News | 0 commenti

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I MEGADETH hanno ultimato le riprese legate a “Headcrusher”, primo video estratto dal prossimo “Endgame”.

Il clip ha coinvolto numerose comparse arruolate tramite il fan club ufficiale della band. Proprio attraverso il portale, un utente iscritto (“TheseBoots44”) ha così commentato l’esperienza vissuta:

“We must’ve done at least 12 takes… maybe more. My head and neck are absolutely ‘pounding with pain,’ but it was worth it!

“About 5:30, around 100 ‘extras’ were let into the studio area which featured a closed fence in the shape of a black octagon with a circular stage in the middle. We basically stood around the fence and thrashed our heads off when they asked us too. The band first went through the entire song twice with MMA wrestlers beating the crap out of inmates who were dressed in orange jumpsuits. Next, the band filed out except Shawn [Drover, drums]. This time the camera focused only on Shawn, and we went thru another take. This was done for each member. We also filmed several crowd scenes, where the camera focused just on us going nuts. The best scene of the night was watching this little Asian MMA wrestler beat the shit outta one of the other wrestlers. Too bad we only saw one take… ‘cuz she was sure a nice sight for sore eyes.

“The shoot finally finished around 8:20, and most of us were tired, hot, and hungry. As far as I know Chris Broderick [guitar] is the only one who immediately met us outside as we filed out to take pictures and sign autographs. I had to leave pretty quickly, so I’m not sure if anyone else came out to sign stuff.

“All in all….a very memorable evening that I will never forget. Can’t wait till the video comes out.”


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