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Vader Cabinets : disponibili anche in Italia

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Le celebri casse per chitarra e basso Vader, usate da musicisti del calibro di Necrophagist, GWAR, Suffocation, Incantation, Samoth (Emperor) e moltissimi altri sono finalmente disponibili in Europa, importate dalla italiana Emperion Guitars:

“USA made Vader Cabinets are known to be nothing less than the best cabs out there. Impressive sound quality, flawless construction, extreme durability. With their “Spray on tour guard” version those cabs are able to withstand every hard touring schedule you may have to perform.
With a higher power rating and of a bigger size than any other cabs on the market Vader Cabinets are used by some of the most important extreme metal acts nowadays.

Wonder if those cabs can handle different music genres other than Metal ?

Of course! You’ll be surprised by the response of these fine cabinets from Jazz to Metal. Crank it up and they will respond accordingly.”


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