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Musica Diablo : split con Derrick Green

Pubblicato il 29/07/2011 da in News | 0 commenti

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I thrash metallers brasiliani Musica Diablo si sono separati da Derrick Green, cantante dei Sepultura.

Di seguito il commento rilasciato da André NM, chitarrista della band:

[i]”It was very hard for us to take this decision, but Derrick being very busy for the last two years was making things hard especially to perform live. Lately we have been demoing for the new album, even Derrick was trying to do have an input on the process while on tour with SEPULTURA, but fact is that we all (including him) came to a conclusion that is not possible with the busy agenda from his other band to make things work as we wanted. We are now looking for a new singer to prepared and finish the material we have and get the band on the road again. As for Derrick, we all wish him and SEPULTURA the best luck with their new album, ‘Kairos’.”[/i]


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