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Wolfsbane : concluse le registrazioni

Pubblicato il 6/10/2011 da in News | 0 commenti

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I riformati Wolfsbane — band fondata dal frontman Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden) — hanno recentemente concluso le registrazioni del loro nuovo CD, in probabile uscita tra fine 2011 ed inizio 2012. Di seguito il commento del chitarrista Jase Edwards:

[i] “You can never really tell what a record is gonna be like ‘til it’s all recorded and you have some decent mixes to listen to. So you can hear what the record will actually sound like and how well (or not) ya’ve done!!
Happy to report my mood on doing just that with the new Wolfsbane record is one of ecstasy and excitement!! It’s also being a little darling to mix!
If ya have the right parts and sounds tracked, then it’s just a balance and sonic power injection job!! And rest assured Wolfsbane will be pushing the limiters to the maxxx!”[/i]


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