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Gojira : nel roster di Roadrunner Records

Pubblicato il 9/11/2011 da in News | 0 commenti

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È ufficiale: i GOJIRA hanno firmato un nuovo contratto con Roadrunner Records!

L’annuncio, anticipato da alcune indiscrezioni trapelate in rete, è stato reso pubblico. Roadrunner Records è lieta di dare il benvenuto ai GOJIRA: una delle più talentuose realtà dell’attuale panorama metal estremo.

[i]”We are so stoked to walk with the legendary Roadrunner. We discovered Sepultura, Machine Head, Death, Fear Factory and so many other great bands thanks to these guys.
Roadrunner has been a great source of inspiration for us as metal fans. It’s an honor to be part of this family today as a band. We feel we’ll get the right support at the right moment in our career.
We cannot wait to release our new record and get back on the road”. [/i]Joe Duplantier

Il debutto per Roadrunner Records coinciderà con la pubblicazione del quinto album della band, pubblicazione attesa per la prossima primavera.

[i]”I’ve been a huge Gojira fan ever since their monumental From Mars to Sirius album and have been actively pursuing them ever since. I am thrilled to finally be welcoming them to the Roadrunner family.
Gojira are one of the best bands in metal today, with a sound and style all their own. Their live shows are unreal, from the level of playing, to the intensity, to the Godzilla-like stomp that hits you in the chest”. Monte Conner (Roadrunner Senior VP of A&R) [/i]


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