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Carnal Forge : in pausa a tempo indeterminato

Pubblicato il 25/11/2011 da in News | 0 commenti

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Il bassista Lars Lindén dei thrashers svedesi Carnal Forge ha rilasciato un comunicato in cui spiega i motivi per cui la band verrà fermata a tempo indeterminato. Eccolo:

[i]”Since all the members have chosen to drop off Carnal Forge due to different reasons to work on new projects, Carnal Forge will take a pause and the band will be put on ice for an unspecified time.

I don’t know if there will ever be another Carnal Forge album or if we’ll play live again. I sure do hope so and I will work for it, but only the future will tell.

The material of 20 songs, that I over the last year have written for Carnal Forge ‘s seventh album, will now be put a into a new thrash metal project called Delerium. Working album title for the debut is ‘Friendly Fire’. Album cover and songtitles are set, but to be revealed later on. At the moment I’m recording pre-production versions of all of the new songs in my home studio.

It’s great fun to be back on my main instrument, guitar, again.”[/i]


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