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Cloven Hoof : Russ North torna nella band

Pubblicato il 8/12/2011 da in News | 0 commenti

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Il vocalist Russ North è rientrato nei Cloven Hoof!! Questo il commento del cantante:

[i]”The fans and musicians in the group deserve nothing less than 100 percent commitment, and until I could give that, I had to take time out away from music. It was imperative that the band had to tick over until I could sort private matters out that made it at the time impossible to front CLOVEN HOOF. Lee [Payne, bass] was a really good friend whilst I was going through a difficult situation and gave me his full support as ever. He gave me space and time in the knowledge that I would return better than ever.

I am now delighted to say that I am in it for the long haul and firing on all cylinders. Lee and I have promised each other another 10 years of making metal mayhem together.

I would like to thank Ash Cooper for doing a terrific job on the vocals whilst I was away. He is a true professional and the band wish him well in all his future projects.

We are looking forward to playing as many shows as possible next year and I can’t wait to play in Greece and Cyprus. I promise the best CLOVEN HOOF set ever.

I am currently putting down vocals for the new studio album and it will be an absolute killer.

It is great to be back where I belong.”[/i]


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