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Steel Prophet : al lavoro sul nuovo album

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Gli americani Steel Prophet stanno registrando il successore di “Beware” del 2004!

Il chitarrista Steve Kachinsky ha rilasciato questo comunicato:

[i]”We finished all drum tracks for 13 songs. Rhythm guitars are done on eight songs. Seven songs have bass guitar. Leads and orchestrations are being worked on for all. Lyrics are complete for 10 songs. Vocal melody lines have been constructed for six songs (includes new version of ‘Oleander’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’).

We are continuing to make constant progress! It’s coming out very well so far. We are certainly trying to make it the best album of our careers, and we won’t rush it. We know as fans what it’s like to get a subpar album from a group after much anticipation. Definitely want to avoid that!”[/i]

Questi alcuni titoli che dovrebbero apparire nella tracklist del nuovo album:
* Funeral For Art
* Tree Of Knowledge
* When I Remake The World (A Key Flaw)
* Aliens
* Spaceships And Richard M. Nixon
* Through Time And Space
* 666 Is Everywhere

Questa la lineup impegnata nelle registrazioni:

Rick Mythiasin – Vocals
Vince Dennis – Bass
Chris Schleyer – Guitar
Jimmy Schultz – Drums
Steve Kachinsky – Guitar


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