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While Heaven Wept : novità dalla band

Pubblicato il 8/02/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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L’epic doom metal band americana While Heaven Wept ha completato la scrittura della musica per il successore di “Fear Of Infinity”: le registrazioni dovrebbero iniziare in autunno, per una release prevista nel 2013. Tom Phillips ha rilasciato questo comunicato:

[i]”It will consist of 10 brand new songs that were channeled between 2009-2011 (though one expression includes riffs dating back to 1995) and will surely once again challenge everyone’s notions of what While Heaven Wept ‘is’; while extremely melodic, heartfelt, and epic… it is (in Scott’s Loose, guitar words) ‘intense and aggressive’ — running the gamut from classic U.S. underground metal to melodic thrash and passages of a more ‘extreme’ nature. Compared to ‘Fear Of Infinity’, it has a very different atmosphere and is very much ‘in your face’ musically, yet clearly While Heaven Wept.” [/i]


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