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36 Crazyfists : Thomas Noonan esce dalla band

Pubblicato il 24/02/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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Il batterista Thomas Noonan è uscito dai 36 Crazyfists a causa di problemi di carattere familiare. Di seguito il suo comunicato.

[i]”I just lost my passion for playing heavy music and drumming for that matter. I’m not saying I will never play again, it’s just that I’m ready for something different, and more challenging for me that will not take me far away from home to do it. I love what we have built as a band and with friends, but after years and years of dealing with the in and outs of the industry, I’m just over it for now. I’m not a person that can do two things at once, and I feel I want to put everything I have into pencil art. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s something I fell in love with and strive every day to excel at. So it was a very hard decision for me to decide between the two for this year, but I choose art. I choose being happy and spending time with my family and not touring.”[/i]


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