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Wretch : nuovo cantante cercasi

Pubblicato il 27/02/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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I Wretch si sono separati dal vocalist Colin Watson. La band è alla ricerca di un sostituto, se siete interessati contattate il chitarrista Nick Giannakos scrivendo a

Questo il commento rilasciato da Nick Giannakos:

[i]”I have been in this band with Colin on and off for 26 years. I am very sad to see this day come. He told us he does not want to be in a band full-time anymore. I will miss his vocals but most of all I will miss having him around on a regular basis. Not only have we been in a band together for that long, we have also been friends for just as long.

We are going to continue finishing the new album. We are currently looking for a new vocalist with the same type of vocal ability who is good at writing lyrics. I am not sure if we will continue with the name Wretch but we will definitely keep playing and writing the same type of power metal that we love to play.”[/i]


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