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The Haunted : Peter Dolving esce dalla band

Pubblicato il 1/03/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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Il vocalist Peter Dolving ha annunciato attraverso la sua pagina Facebook ( di non far più parte dei The Haunted. Questo il suo messaggio:

[i]”I am officially quitting The Haunted. After years of working with the band, I am out. I have had it. I will NOT answer questions to why. It’s no one else’s business. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to seeing you people at other shows with other projects.” [/i]

La band ha rilasciato questo breve comunicato:

[i]”Peter has decided to leave The Haunted permanently. We don’t have any more news or info for you regarding this at the moment, but stay tuned for future updates. We just wanted to put and end to all the rumors out there.”[/i]


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