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Resurrected : cambio al microfono

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Il vocalist Carsten Scholz è uscito dai death metallers tedeschi Resurrected per problemi di salute. Al suo posto la band annuncia Christoph Mieves (Grind Inc.). Di seguito il messaggio della band:

[i]”We all respect and understand Carsten’s decision, as we know how much he suffered in the past months/years and how long he struggled with the decision to leave the band as a founding member and the distinctive voice of resurrected. But you can for sure hear Carsten on the upcoming EP on the vocals; we’re all very sad to lose him as a band member and one of world’s best death metal voices. The position on the mic will be taken by our longtime friend Christoph Mieves from Grind Inc. who already did some live shows on the last Portugal tour with us. Chris is well known for his great death metal vocals and outstanding stage performance.”[/i]

Questa la nuova lineup:

Christoph Mieves – Vocals
Dennis Thiele – Drums
Ben Bays – Bass
Thomas Granzow – Guitar


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