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Ronnie Montrose : messaggio da Lita Ford

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Lita Ford ha rilasciato il seguente messaggio in merito alla morte di Ronnie Montrose:

[i]”The day I got the call to jam with Ronnie Montrose for NAMM 2011 show in Anaheim, California, was a day a dream of mine came true.

I had loved Montrose and Ronnie’s guitar riffs since I began to play the guitar. Ronnie changed the face of rock forever!!! No one could ever make their guitar sound like a motorcycle… not like Ronnie… not then, and still not even now!

I was truly honored to have shared the stage with Ronnie that night. He called me his ‘little ray of sunshine’ because it was cold out that night, and when Ronnie told me his fingers were cold before we went on to play, I stuck them between my legs to warm them up. Leighsa, Ronnie’s wife, laughed, as so did Ronnie and I. From that moment on, we became good friends and bonded as musicians.

I grew up on that same wonderful music. Montrose!!! Ronnie was part of the soundtrack of my life!

I love you, my dear sweet wonderful Ronnie. Now you and Dio can jam together with Jimi Hendrix.

Wow!!! I’m missing you so!!!

God bless Ronnie and your wonderful wife Leighsa. You are an angel.

Deepest sympathy, Lita Ford.

R.I.P. You bad motor scooter!!!” [/i]


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