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Stratovarius : caccia al nuovo batterista

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Gli Stratovarius sono alla ricerca del nuovo batterista. Ecco il comunicato con cui la band apre ufficialmente le ricerche ed i contatti a cui proporre la propria candidatura:

[i]”We have now played the final Latin America gigs with Jörg Michael, who is leaving the band after 16 years.

2011 started with the release of the ‘Elysium’ album and was a long year with a long world tour together with Helloween. After some time off, we are now looking to the future, composing material for the next album, and we are also looking for the next drummer.

We have some great candidates already, but since we have a bit of time, we decided to also cast a wider net to see what comes up. So, if you have some touring and recording experience, are — more important — musical and hard hitting, and — most important — a nice dude, you might be the one we are looking for!

If you think this sounds like you, playing in a world-famous metal band for a living sounds like something you’d enjoy, and if you want us to listen, please put on some headphones and record a video of yourself playing any of these three Stratovarius songs: ‘Coming Home’, ‘Father Time’ or ‘Deep Unknown’. You can for instance upload them to YouTube.

Send the video links and a short letter with your personal information to this e-mail address:

What do you have to lose? The world awaits you! Plus money, fame, great times, and all the beer you can drink.”[/i]


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