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Masterplan : aggiornamento da Roland Grapow

Pubblicato il 29/03/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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Roland Grapow, chitarrista dei Masterplan, ha rilasciato il seguente aggiornamento sul nuovo album della band:

[i]”I will finally just work from April on only on the next Masterplan album! I am looking for an album release in January 2013. That means no work for other bands in my studio anymore for the rest of this year! Only Masterplan! We have 15 songs written already! Maybe we write some more! We are looking for a more powerful album this time… still with great melodies and feelings, but also with more orchestration and faster stuff again… just more metal. Right now I am close to finish mixing Saratoga from Spain and Black Majesty from Australia ‘till April. More news about Masterplan is coming soon!”[/i]


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