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Vanden Plas : cancellata la data di Siena!

Pubblicato il 5/04/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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I Vanden Plas hanno dovuto cancellare gli show del 5 maggio (a Wolverhampton, Gran Bretagna) e del 12 maggio a Siena perché il chitarrista Stephan Lill dovrebbe subire un intervento chirurgico. Di seguito il comunicato della band:

[i]”Hard to find some words for this worst scenario! Unfortunately, we have to tell you that Stephan Lill needs to go to the hospital for an operation which is inevitable; there is nothing to change! We’ve tried to find immediately a solution — so we did ask a few well-known guitar players, but none of our representatives felt comfortable to replace Stephan for the shows and the clinic. So we have to cancel the shows. I hope in case of our reputation that we will play Siena and find also a chance to see our fans in the United Kingdom as soon as possible. We feel guilty while telling you this, but there is no way around it. Again we lowly realize that health is our strongest and most important property! We don’t know how to apologize our dear friends.”[/i]


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