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Kamelot : annunciato il nuovo cantante

Pubblicato il 25/06/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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I Kamelot hanno annunciato il nome del loro nuovo cantante: si tratta di Tommy Karevik (Seventh Wonder). Il vocalist svedese ha rilasciato il seguente comunicato, nel quale annuncia che proseguirà anche il suo lavoro nei Seventh Wonder:

[i]”It is not a secret that I have been in close contact with the Kamelot crew for some time now. I played with them on ProgPower 2010 and I joined them on the European part of the tour in the spring of 2011. I learned a lot from this experience and had a great time together with the guys. Of course, musically, it is a bit different from the Seventh Wonder style, but to me, that is also what makes it interesting and challenging. Over the past months I have come to love the music and the vibe of the band and when I finally and officially was asked to join as the singer and full-blown member of Kamelot, I was very happy and gladly accepted! This is something I am really proud of and something I am looking forward to making my own. However, I do want to say this… and this is very important to me… I will not leave Seventh Wonder! The Seventh Wonder guys and all of you fantastic and supportive fans out there will not get rid of me so easily! I love you all and you are the reason I got to where I am today! We are already working on some stuff for the next Seventh Wonder album and really can’t wait to show it to you all!”[/i]


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