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Paragon : pronto il nuovo album, alla ricerca di un’etichetta

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I tedeschi Paragon hanno completato i lavori sul nuovo album e sono alla ricerca di un’etichetta interessata a pubblicarlo. Il bassista Jan Bünning ha detto:

[i]”Since the 20th of June, we have the mastered mix of our new album and I can just say producer Piet Sielck has done an awesome job. To me it sounds like a heavier and more ‘life’ version of ‘Revenge’ mixed with the guitar sound of ‘Law Of The Blade’. Just perfect!

Our guitar player Wolle Wolfgang Tewes wrote a album full of Paragon classics and our ‘newbie’ Jan Bertram shredded a whole bunch of great lead guitar parts. And Buschi (Andreas Babuschkin; vocals) seems to be like wine — he’s getting better and better and has delievered the best performance he has ever done.”[/i]

Questa la tracklist del nuovo album:

01. Last Day On Earth (intro)
02. Iron Will
03. Tornado
04. Gods Of Thunder
05. Bulletstorm
06. Blood & Iron
07. Blades Of Hell
08. Dynasty
09. Rising From The Black
10. Demon’s Lair
11. Secrecy


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