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Dirge Eternal : annunciato il nuovo drummer

Pubblicato il 19/07/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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I finlandesi Dirge Eternal – in cui milita Hannes Horma dei Turisas alla chitarra – hanno annunciato l’ingresso nella band del batterista Markus Ojanperä. Questo il commento del gruppo:

[i]”We had a really tight competition between two great drummers, but Markus just convinced us all in the last audition. Only one and a half weeks with us, including two rehearsals, and he already nailed all the song in our set. He’s really committed to this and Dirge Eternal is really looking forward to working with Markus. Our first stop will be Suisto-Klubi and after that we will start rehearsing some new songs…”[/i]


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