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Power Theory : ecco il secondo chitarrista

Pubblicato il 4/09/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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I Power Theory annunciano l’ingresso del chitarrista Steve Stegg, quale nuovo membro della band. Steve è membro fondatore di Blood Feast, Sleepy Hollow, eTapping the Vein. BB ha detto:

[i]“Power Theory has been looking to add a second dual rhythm/lead guitarist since the end of the recording sessions for “An Axe to Grind”, but our commitments haven’t given us the time to do anything but start to compile a list of potential candidates.

Steve is a great friend and supporter of the band, and has been a regular at our local shows; in fact he replaced me as the Colossus guitarist and played with Jay Pekala prior to his first Sleepy Hollow tenure. We would always jokingly added Steve as our top candidate when we discussed it, but knew he was very busy with Sleepy Hollow and there was no chance, so we moved on to other names” added BB. “Steve informed us he had become available in mid July and was interested in jamming to see if there was chemistry and it was evident from the first few minutes it was a great fit for both Power Theory and Steve.”[/i]


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