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Mastic Scum : nuovo album a marzo, messaggio dalla band

Pubblicato il 15/10/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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Gli austriaci Mastic Scum pubblicheranno il loro quinto album a marzo 2013 via Massacre Records. La band ha rilasciato questo messaggio:

[i]”Three years after our last CD, ‘Dust’, (Twilight Records) we are back with a heavy load of new riffs and structures.

We are almost at the end of a long road of rehearse and working on new tunes! At the time we are still working on the pre-production of 10 tracks.

The new songs are shaping up in a new brutal style and also on a higher technical level. With this release, we went back to our roots putting some experimental parts and also we made a big step forward to new structures and rhythms.”[/i]


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