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The Kennedy Veil : split con il cantante, alla ricerca del sostituto

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I californiani The Kennedy Veil si sono separati dal vocalist Cody Walker e sono alla ricerca di un nuovo cantante. La band si sta preparando per entrare in studio ed iniziare a registrare il nuovo album, previsto per metà 2013. Questo il comunicato:

[i]”We are a professional band, and anybody trying out must present themselves in a professional manner.

We are looking for someone dedicated to what we are doing and who is willing and able to contribute to the band and help out with any and all expenses that may come out of pocket. This means you must have a job (or some sort of income) and transportation/drivers license and passport are also must. If you are not willing or unable to tour, then please don’t waste anyone’s time. Also, NO hard drug users/addicts and no criminal history. This is not negotiable. We don’t need anyone with travel restrictions or inability to give 110% every night.

We need a solid frontman with a commanding stage presence and ability to interact well with a crowd.

If you are dedicated and ready to move to the next level with The Kennedy Veil and begin the touring cycles, submit covers of ‘Disciples Of Dead Aeons’ and ‘Genesis Lamentations’ to”[/i]


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