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Thaurorod : annunciato il nuovo cantante

Pubblicato il 31/10/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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I finlandesi Thaurorod hanno annunciato l’ingresso nella band del cantante svedese Andi Kravljaca (Silent Call, Seventh Wonder). Di seguito il comunicato della band.

[i]”As you might know, it hasn’t been too easy for us with the previous vocalists.

Facing a vocalist change is never easy and facing a lot of them is just something really hard for a band.

We went through a lot of vocalist candidates and wanted to pick a guy who can really kill on stage and who is reliable and we can count on him to deliver his 110% input now and always. We wanted to find a guy who is not only our new vocalist but also our very last!

We are so relieved to be able to announce our new vocalist finally!

We made two shows with Andi in Finland warming up for Wintersun and everything felt amazing and we had so much fun together! He easily impressed the band and the audiences with his energetic performances on both shows… what a crazy dude on stage!”[/I]


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