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Avantasia : headlining tour ad aprile 2013

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Gli Avantasia si imbarcheranno in un tour da headliner da aprile 2013. La band ha inoltre in programma la partecipazione ai festival estivi e tour in Asia e Sud America. Tobias Sammet ha detto:

[i]”I know I once said we weren’t gonna do it again, but then I don’t see a reason to let this die. I wanna put on the biggest thing you have ever seen, I wanna bring more vocalists, play longer shows, and just make it a giant rock opera.

I love to headline festivals — you run over people in 90 minutes and kick ass. But I also like to do our own Avantasia indoor tour, because we can make it much more Avantasia -oriented and play almost three hours without caring about anything else but Avantasia. So we said we have to do a giant indoor tour as well, and it’s going to happen in April. I am so looking forward to it. The stage designer has just showed me his stage and light design, and it looks absolutely killer. It will be huge.

2013 will be a major year for Avantasia, and people don’t have a clue how big things are actually going to be! I am very excited — the album will be amazingly epic, and the tour will be, too!”[/i]


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