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Suicidal Angels : annunciato il nuovo chitarrista

Pubblicato il 6/12/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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I thrashers ellenici Suicidal Angels hanno annunciato l’ingresso nella band del chitarrista Chris Tsitsis. Chris sostituisce Panos Spanos, uscito dal gruppo ad ottobre. Di seguito il commento della band.

[i]”Today is a big day for Suicidal Angels. It’s the day we welcome a new family member, our new guitar hero, Chris!

The last couple of months we’ve been through a lot of rough times, but this young wolf has restored balance in the Suicidal Angels camp.

Our first shows with Chris will be in South America on January and we’re confident that our friends there will welcome him in ways that only the Moshing Crew knows! Europe is next, with a tour yet to be announced.

For our Greek friends, there’s a big-ass poster of the new lineup on this month’s Metal Hammer Greece! Check it out and let us know!

In conclusion, everyone welcome Chris onboard and see you all on the road soon enough!!!”[/i]


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