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Perdition Temple, Blasphemic Cruelty : firmano con Hells Headbangers

Pubblicato il 11/12/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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Hells Headbangers ha annunciato di aver messo sotto contratto i Blasphemic Cruelty ed i Perdition Temple. In entrambe le band milita il chitarrista Gene Palubicki, fondatore e songwriter degli Angelcorpse. Questo il suo commento:

[i]”Been a while since there has been any actual ‘production’ news concerning either of my active works, namely Perdition Temple and Blasphemic Cruelty. It is official at this point that both bands are no longer part of the Osmose Productions roster. It was not a bad split with my longtime former label, simply the direction the label and my bands are pursuing differs enough to make it time for a change.

I’m quite happy to announce the new home for BOTH bands is Hells Headbangers Records! Of the several labels who contacted me and made various offers, Hells Headbangers clearly shares my vision for the course I wish to go for both bands. Hells Headbangers has a dedication to releasing the sort of products that are very much a best fit for my bands. In development currently are the sophomore full-length from Perdition Temple, and a forthcoming MLP of new Blasphemic Cruelty material.”[/i]


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