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Darkthrone : nuovo album a fine febbraio

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I norvegesi Darkthrone rilasceranno il loro nuovo studio album “The Underground Resistance” il 25 febbraio 2013 via Peaceville Records. In una recente intervista con il magazine Terrorizer il chitarrista/vocalist Nocturno Culto ha detto:

[i]”I can’t speak for Fenriz, but I think he’s going for more epic lyrics. I can only speak for myself and this time around they are very personal lyrics. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried this and it’s difficult to do it nicely and put it into good words. There was a lot of hate and people trying to ruin your day and I had stuff to say for my sake. Our music now is basically just metal. It will be a step away from the last album as usual.”[/i]


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