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Thy Majestie : online il concerto in Olanda del 2008

Pubblicato il 14/12/2012 da in News | 0 commenti

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I Thy Majestie hanno messo online l’intero video del loro concerto all’edizione 2008 del Brainstorm Festival, tenutosi ad Apeldoorn, Olanda. Il gruppo ha così commentato:

[i]”Unfortunately, the proposed live DVD of the Brainstorm concert will never be released. So after such hard job was a shame to leave it at the dust, after four years since its production we decided to put it on line to make people able to watch it. Many things have changed since then, we have a new singer and a new keyboard player, but Thy Majestie’s songs are still there, enjoy it and share it, as much as you can!”[/i]


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