Burning Sea : cancellato il festival croato!

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Apprendiamo dalla newsletter del BURNING SEA che il festival croato è stato cancellato.

L’evento avrebbe dovuto svolgersi dal 5 all’8 giugno prossimo a Zadar (Zara in italiano) e tra le band confermate c’erano KING DIAMOND, OVERKILL, ANGEL WITCH, CANDLEMASS, ICED EARTH, MOONSORROW e tanti altri.

Stando alla mail degli organizzatori (che riportiamo qui sotto per intero) la loro era una “associazione culturale” e pertanto, secondo la legge croata, non pagava alcuna tassa. Recentemente il governo croato ha predisposto anche per le associazioni culturali una tassa del 25% su ogni biglietto, decretando di fatto la rimessa del festival anche nel caso in cui tutti i biglietti fossero stati venduti.

Si è pertanto deciso di annullare completamente il festival. Ecco la mail completa:

BURNING SEA festival forced to be canceled
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been forced to cancel the BURNING SEA festival for 2013, although ticket sales were much better than METALFEST tickets last year!
The Croatian government decides to charge an extra VAT of 25 % to the regular ticket prices also for cultural associations. Originally and until now, all of our calculations (e.g. Metalfest 2012) were made with 0 % VAT due to cultural tax exceptions  as stated on tickets as well.
Only a couple of days ago we were informed by the tax office about the changes in VAT law.
We are not able to buffer a 25 % backup, so in the end there is no way for us to make the BURNING SEA festival into a business that is profitable – Even if it would be SOLD OUT!
We were not able to find an investor in such a small period of time. We are a private owned and runned company, so without any big industry behind us, there is no way for us to make this festival running without knowing how much money we would loose.
With this cancelation we are joying HGU (Croatian union of musicians) in their protests against this tax law, and hope that in 2014 Croatia will not be European state with highest Taxes when it comes to festival/concerts tickets prices.
For your better understanding, Germany has 7%, Slovenia 8,5%, and Austria 9% taxes on income made on festival/concert tickets.
We will try to revitalize BURNING SEA in 2014, based on a new calculation and unfortunately with a ticket price including the VAT.
All ticket money will be refunded at the shops where they were bought originally! PLEASE CONTACT THE SHOPS WHERE YOU BOUGHT YOUR TICKET.
If you bought Fan pack, you can keep your T-shirt.
Some of the bands will be added onto the billing of METALDAYS festival in Slovenia, and for other bands we will try to organize back-up shows.
For any comments, please visit official Burning Sea forum.
We are aware that many of you, metalheads,  will be extremely disapointed with  this cancelation, so we decided to offer you an option to still enjoy your metal holidays.
Therefore all BURNING SEA tickets can simply be exchanged into METALDAYS tickets without any overprice.
All you must do is to bring your valid BURNING SEA ticket to Metaldays box office at Metaldays festival.
More info about that (soon) on: www.metaldays.net
We apologize for the cancellation.

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