Carcass : Andy Sneap mixerà “Surgical Steel”

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I Carcass hanno scelto Andy Sneap per il mixaggio del loro comeback album, “Surgical Steel”. Sneap prende il posto di Colin Richardson.

Jeff Walker ha dichiarato quanto segue in merito allo split con Richardson:

“He quit yesterday. He was two weeks into mixing the album and he decided that he didn’t want to continue. So Andy Sneap is taking over. Colin’s produced the album. It’s just that he’s hit a brick wall with the mix and doesn’t want to continue. And so we’re bringing in Andy Sneap to do the mix now. It’s a shame, but we finished recording the album three months ago. There are a lot of reasons for it, but the main reason is that he says he is burnt out. I guess it will be a positive thing to bring in some fresh ears.”


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