Sebastian Bach : a breve in studio per il nuovo album

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Sebastian Bach (ex Skid Row) si sta preparando ad entrare in studio per iniziare a registrare il suo prossimo album solista, in uscita tra fine 2013 ed inizio 2014 su Frontiers Records. In un post online il cantante ha dichiarato:

“Yesterday was a gigantic step forward in the process of completing the next studio record! We had a meeting with producer Bob Marlette, who did ‘Kicking & Screaming’, and guitarists Jeff George and Steve Stevens.

We are all ready to tackle this project right now! We have tons of musical ideas and we are starting with Bob on the new studio record this week, I am happy to say!! There are lots of killer riffs and grooves that are ready for me to scream over and Bob is leading the way as far as helping us get this done right!

So get ready for studio updates and a front row seat to the mayhem, because here it comes!”


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