Iced Earth : cambio alla batteria

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Gli Iced Earth si sono separati dal batterista Brent Smedley (nella foto qui sotto) per ragioni familiari. Il suo sostituto è Raphael Saini (Chaoswave) che si unirà alla band on the road a partire da quest’estate. In un comunicato, Brent Smedley ha detto:

“I have family members that are elderly and frail and need my help here in Jacksonville, it’s been one of the hardest decisions of my life but I simply cannot commit to the kind of schedule the band deserves and requires so I decided to ask permission to step down from my post.”

Questo quanto dichiarato dalla band:


“Brent has been a valued member of the group for a long time. We thank him for his contributions, friendship and energy and wish him all the best for the future. We want to welcome Raphael with open arms and are expecting for our fans to give him the welcome he deserves.”


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