Raunchy : novità dalla band

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I danesi Raunchy — recentemente separatisi dal cantante Kasper Thomsen il cui posto è stato affidato a Mike Semesky (The Haarp Machine) — hanno rilasciato un comunicato in cui annunciano alcune novità, tra cui sette nuovi brani pronti:
“We are working on new material. So far we are satisfied with seven tracks and we have a handful of other songs we need to work on some more. Mike did some rough vocal demoes for two of these songs and it already sounds amazing.

In other news, we will start booking a tour in September / October with our buddies from Mnemic and Scarred By Beauty!!! This will be Mike’s first tour with us since he is not able to do the our shows in June; these shows were already booked before he joined and we were not able to make this work out with his schedule. Our good and beloved Raunchy friend Lasse Sievertsen will handle all vocals on these shows. See you out there or here.”


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