Rising : conclusi i lavori e split con due membri

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I danesi Rising hanno completato i lavori sul prossimo album, “Abominator”. La band ha comunicato quanto segue:

“The CD contains nine tracks displaying a faster, more aggressive and gritty side to the band. We’re all happy with the result of the last year’s labor and are looking very much forward to share the songs with you. We want to thank everybody involved in the making of the album, especially our producer and good friend, the ever-awesome Jacob Reichert Nielsen.

However, it will be the last album from this incarnation of the band. Three days ago, Jacob Johansen (drums) and Henrik Hald (vocals, bass) left the band and for the time being everything is very uncertain, not at least as to how and when ‘Abominator’ will be released. We will get the album out one way or the other though, and I hope to post a new song within a foreseeable future and will equally keep you updated on the band and the release of the album.”


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