Overkill : nuovo album a marzo 2014

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I veterani Overkill sono impegnati in studio nelle registrazioni del loro nuovo album, atteso nei negozi a marzo 2014. In una recente intervista, il frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth ha parlato dei piani della band per i prossimi mesi, di cui vi riportiamo un estratto:

“There’s six songs done for the next record so far. What we’re gonna do in the interim is we’re gonna come over while recording and do European festivals. After that, we do a U.S. tour with the German band called Kreator. It’s gonna be a flip-flop headline; we’ll close the shows on the East Coast in those theaters and they’ll close on the West Coast in theaters, or big clubs. After that, we drop the record in March, it hits the street. They even gave me the date as March 7 already, so we’re that far planned ahead for those type of activities. And after that, I’m sure that what we’re gonna do is just start rolling these tours again. And I think that as we’ve gotten older, one of the things that we like is that we actually do more tours, but we do less touring; we’re not away from home for three months or sixty days, we’re away from home for three or four weeks. Three weeks is a great tour for a guy my age. Because then you don’t have to recover for a month when you come home.”



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