Hirax : posticipata l’uscita del nuovo album

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Gli Hirax hanno posticipato l’uscita del loro nuovo album, “Immortal Legacy”, al 24 febbraio 2014 invece che il 22 ottobre via SPV/Steamhammer. Il cantante Katon W. De Pena ha detto:

“We are sorry for the delays as we know that the fans are waiting desperately for the album, but we have had some unexpected delays in the studio and we do not want to release a half-hearted album. Our fans deserve only the best, so watch out for one of the best thrash metal records released in a long time. We are also sorry that the Flotsam And Jetsam / Hirax European tour is canceled, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to pull the plug. We are planning a full-scale U.S. tour in March, and have further plans to return to Europe. As a little compensation, we will release a digital single for the song ‘Hellion Rising’ on November 22nd. Thanks for all your understanding and patience, and be sure that 2014 will be a killer year for Hirax. Horns up!”


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