White Wizzard : Will Wallner lascia la band

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Il chitarrista Will Wallner ha annunciato la sua uscita dai White Wizzard attraverso questo comunicato:

“I am sad to announce I am no longer a member of White Wizzard. I will not get into the petty argument between Jon Leon and Joseph Micheal, I will only comment on what matters; the music. I am proud of the album Joseph Micheal, Will Wallner, Jake Dreyer, Jon Leon and Giovanni Durst created this year. We all brought our own influences and individual styles to make a great metal album. That is what I want to remember from my time in White Wizzard. We had a great live chemistry and for a brief moment I believed the band could have done something.

As proud as I am of the music we created I am equally pissed at how the tour and band ended. I am even more pissed for support band Monument who got screwed out of a tour because of our unprofessional attitude. I am pissed for the people who donated to the bands indiegogo campaign. The money was meant to help the band tour and now that band does not exist. I knew it was a bad idea and the video was humiliating and insulting. I hope each of you at least get what you paid for…

I may give an in depth statement explaining exactly what happened but for now this is all I want to say. I will be focusing on my solo project “Will Wallner & Vivien Vain”. We have started working on a new album and am very inspired to get back to making real music. Finally I would like to thank all the fans who supported the band and all the friends I made while I was in the band. I would like thank Earache Records and Century Media for the work they did while I was in the band. Cheers!”


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