Pessimist : si riforma la band

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Il chitarrista Kelly McLauchlin (Possessed, Diabolic, Unholy Ghost), il bassista Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity, Vital Remains) ed il batterista Paul Collier (Angelcorpse) hanno rimesso in piedi i Pessimist. McLauchlin ha dichiarato:

“We are excited to have Kelly Conlon onboard with us once again, Kelly most recently toured with us during our East Coast U.S. dates in 2008, including New England Deathfest, Hostile City Deathfest, and European tour in 2009.

I toured with Paul while playing in Angelcorpse ‘Lightning Death Descends’ West Coast tour in 2008. Paul is a world-class drummer and we are excited to incorporate his playing style into the PESSIMIST sound.

Also returning to the Pessimist lineup is guitarist William Hayden, from our ‘Slaughtering The Faithful’ CD — and we will be joined by a new vocalist, Ivan ‘The Evil One’ of Black Mass.”

I Pessimist stanno registrando delle trace demo per un nuovo full-length, temporaneamente intitolato “Keys To The Underworld”.


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