Vanhelgd : nel roster di Pulverised Records

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Gli svedesi Vanhelgd hanno siglato un deal con Pulverised Records. La band ha recentemente completato il processo di songwriting per il nuovo CD e dovrebbe entrare in studio a novembre. Mattias Frisk, frontman e chitarrista della band, ha detto:

“Vanhelgd are very pleased to sign a deal with Pulverised for our next, yet-untitled, album. The journey continues along the eerie paths we explored on ‘Church Of Death’, but the songs seem somewhat darker this time.

The writing process has been much more focused to our rehearsals this time with everyone involved, trying to make the absolutely best out of every song and not letting anything pass unnoticed. A lot of ideas have been thrown away, leaving us with eight strong tracks drenched in death, destruction and pure malevolence.

The recording will start in November 2013 and will be the first with our new bass player Jonas Albrektsson.”


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