Skinless : nuovo ingresso in lineup

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I death metallers Skinless hanno annunciato l’ingresso nella band del chitarrista Dave Matthews. Il chitarrista e fondatore Noah Carpenter ha commentato:

“Yeah, yeah….his name is Dave Matthews, but I assure you he’s much more metal than that crappy acoustic guy.

It’s good to have Dave on board. We’ve known him from the local Albany metal scene for almost 20 years. Dave and I also play together in the thrash band Armor Column and I thought he’d be an asset to Skinless as well.

Dave is an excellent musician.

We wanted to add guitar solos and more dual guitar attack to the new Skinless material. It also allows us to play the guitar harmonies from the previous albums that we haven’t been able to do live.

He’s been rehearsing with us since we reunited but he wasn’t quite ready for the 70-minute set at Delaware Death Fest recently. He’ll be joining us on stage at Denver Black Sky in December. We’re ready to crush!”


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