UFO : diagnosticato un cancro alla prostata a Pete Way

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Secondo quanto apparso sul magazine Classic Rock (www.classicrockmagazine.com/features/pete-way-diagnosed-with-prostate-cancer/), al bassista e fondatore degli UFO Pete Way è stato diagnosticato un cancro alla prostata. Il sessantaduenne, che sta ricevendo i trattamenti sanitari necessari, si sente “good, positive and determined to beat it”.

A causa di ciò, l’uscita del nuovo disco solista di Pete Way, “Walking On The Edge”, è stata posticipata all’inizio del nuovo anno.

Parlando con il magazine, Pete Way ha detto:

“I’m lucky. This is prostate cancer. It’s not lung cancer. It’s not pancreatic cancer. If you’re going to get cancer, this is the best one you can have — and they caught it early.

My liver has been the area of most concern over the years, but they did a scan of that whole area around my abdomen and that’s when they found it.

They didn’t tell me then. I went home and a few days later they sent me a letter saying I had to see the specialist and it ‘might be an idea to bring someone with me to the hospital.’

Even then, it didn’t click, I thought they just wanted me to bring someone to drive me home.”

“I was lucky — they were checking my liver, not my prostate. They found it by accident. I didn’t think I had any symptoms but when I spoke to the doctors, and they were asking me all those questions, I did have the symptoms. I just didn’t know what they were.

It happens a lot to men my age, 50 and over. I was telling Mike Clink about it and Mike said, ‘Man, more or less every man I know in California has this. Don’t worry, Pete — you’ll be fine.’ Everyone has been really positive. And that makes me feel positive, too.”


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