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Centiment : pronti a pubblicare il primo album

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I Centiment sono pronti per pubblicare il loro debut album: “Streets Of Rage” uscirà ad inizio 2014. Il vocalist Dave McPherson ha dichiarato:

“This band has always been a labour-of-love-hobby so to speak, it’s always been about us making music for ourselves, that we want to hear. We have no delusions of grandeur, we just want to keep creating passionate music and take it on the road and have fun with people. If anyone comes along for the ride, then it’s a very welcome bonus!

The wordplay was a cool challenge for me as I wanted to tackle serious subjects but also mix in some dark twisted humor.

Greg writes all the music for Centiment, which is very refreshing for me, as I’m focusing on just the voice and lyrics. Also, from a geeky perspective, as some may tell from the album title, there are a lot of retro game references throughout musically and lyrically. It sounds a bit silly, but then so are we, really! Me and Greg played games religiously in our youth and it’s nice to give our memories a nod.”



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