Heidevolk : ecco il nuovo cantante

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Gli olandesi Heidevolk hanno annunciato l’ingresso nei ranghi della band del nuovo vocalist Lars (alias Bláhrafn). La band ha dichiarato:

“Skilled in both the higher and lower vocal regions, we think Lars is an addition as well as an extension to the Heidevolk sound.

Having already rehearsed with Lars in the Heidevolk rehearsal caves, it is safe to say that the vocal combination of Mark and Lars will blow you away!

Now, after six months, our lineup is complete again and we feel refueled and ready to take on our next challenge: a new album, tentatively scheduled for mid-2014. Along with that, expect us to explore and invade familiar and new territories and clubs for a full force Heidevolk live attack!”

Lars ha aggiunto:

“I’m happy and honored to be among the ranks of Heidevolk. Being both a listener and admirer of their music, I was thrilled to hear that they chose me.

I can’t wait to be on stage and in the studio with the band. Furthermore: I don’t consider myself to be an exact replacement for Joris, but I hope to be a worthy successor as vocalist of Heidevolk.”


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