Eluveitie : ecco la nuova violinista

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I folk metallers svizzeri Eluveitie hanno annunciato l’ingresso nei ranghi della band della violinista Nicole Ansperger. In un comunicato la band ha dichiarato:

“As hard as farewells can be, as auspicious are new beginnings!

We are thrilled to introduce to you Meri’s Tadic successor.

We consider ourselves lucky to have found a true master of Celtic folk fiddling! A full-blooded musician and violin player through and through, she has played countless shows over many years and also played as a session musician for many well-known acts (such as The Hooters, for instance). During the last ten years, she further made a name for herself through her engagement with the Irish folk rock bands Paddy Goes To Holyhead and Across The Border, but also the renowned medieval/classical metal act Haggard. Not only a virtuoso of the fiddle, she also plays the seven-stringed violin as well as the cello!”

Nicole Ansperger ha aggiunto:

“I am absolutely delighted to be Eluveitie’s new violin player.

I love Eluveitie’s music and have been a fan myself for a long time.

Is there anything better than getting to play for the band you love?

I am looking forward to many sweat-inducing, incredible shows with you and the band.”


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