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Exodus : Steve Souza torna nella band

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Il chitarrista degli Exodus Gary Holt ha rilasciato un comunicato ufficiale in cui conferma il ritorno nella band di Steve Souza al posto di Rob Dukes. Eccolo:

“As a band, we all had to make a very difficult choice to part ways with Rob Dukes. We have nothing but love and admiration for him and the deepest gratitude for the hard work he has put in and the great work on some killer records. But at this time, Tom, Lee, Jack and myself thought a change was necessary and the unanimous choice going forward was to welcome back Steve Souza to the fold!”

Souza, già nella band dal 1986 al 1993 e dal 2002 al 2004, ha aggiunto:

“I spent a great part of my life with Exodus. That blood flows through me, even not being in the band for the past 10 years, you can’t erase that chemistry. I’m very excited!”



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