Steel Horse : si scioglie la band

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Si è sciolta la heavy metal band STEEL HORSE, originaria di Madrid. Di seguito il comunicato stampa originale:


Sad news from us,

Nearly one month ago, Willy Gascón communicated to the other members of Steel Horse his unilateral decision of leaving the band for personal reasons after releasing the third album to be called “Call Me Death” which was in its final stages of recording by our new singer Anthony Stephen. The agreement at that time was releasing the album and playing all the live commitments acquired after the summer with Omission. After that tour the band would dissolve as long as Willy Gascón was the band leader.

Last week, again unilaterally by Willy Gascón and citing personal problems within the group this time, we received the news that the album we had been two years working at and its tour were both canceled, being damaged by this decision ourselves, the fans and the promoters involved in this tour.

We deeply regret that our fans will not be able to enjoy a great album in which we had put so much effort and the losses that this attitude can induce to those who trusted in the band.

The remaining members of Steel Horse: Rubén Salvador, Ángel Muñoz and Stephen Anthony will now continue under a new name. Soon we will give more details on this new musical time that we face with optimism and enthusiasm.

Ángel Muñoz, Rubén Salvador, Anthony Stephen.

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